COVID-19 Update


As we have seen recently, the COVID-19 health pandemic has spread quickly across the world. In Australia, the government has taken action to slow the spread of the virus by implementing a lockdown that has drastically impacted businesses. 

We acknowledge that a number of people have either been made temporarily redundant, or have even lost their job. Government financial stimulus packages such as the Job Keeper and Job Seeker Allowances may assist to help alleviate any financial stress that may be experienced. However, it may not fully reduce this stress.

Some ways that we can help you with your cashflow and repayment reduction are by: 

  • Contacting your lender to ask for a pause in repayments, especially if your job has been impacted by the lockdown/COVID-19;

  •  Consolidating your debt, as it may help free up some additional cashflow for you and your family; 

  •  Reviewing your credit report and undertaking any credit repair activity; 

  • Providing a property valuation to work out the equity you have. 

Arrange Capital is well-positioned to help with these options and look forward to working with you. 

Finally, above all else, stay safe and keep your physical distance for your loved ones & stay socially connected, we will get through this pandemic together.